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How It Works?

Joining the MyResearchAgro App will give you access to a members only forum.

The App is a little like a combination of Private Twitter combined with a blog, where you receive exclusive access to the ‘official feed’ from Peter Newman.

You could say it’s something a little like Wikipedia – a place where great discussions and information are kept so you can find it again later.

You start a discussion and Pete will herd the cats, bring in the experts and facilitate discussions with other like minded farmers and agronomists.

The topic is then summarised and stored  in the MyResearchAgro archive for easy access.

At times Pete will start a conversation topic, but most of the time he will respond to issues that you raise

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MyResearchAgro is an interactive newsletter.

We realise that you are time poor, and it is more important than ever to get the big decisions right. We filter information while connecting you directly with experts and other like minded farmers. You tell us what topic you need researched and we will go there.


Peter Newman

  • B.Sc. (Agric) Hons
  • Winner 2008 GRDC Seed of Light Award
  • Winner 2018 Australian Institute of Agriculture Award of Excellence

Peter Newman is a born and bred city slicker. His first trip at the age of three to a farm in the northern wheatbelt of WA managed by his uncle changed all of that. His first smell of country air became the catalyst for choosing his career in Agriculture, and the rest, as they say is history.

With no farm in the family to fullfil the farming dream, Peter called on his other family heritage in choosing his career. Teaching. Several generations of his family were school teachers and Peter channelled this education bent to agriculture, focusing on adult learning.

He worked as a government farm advisor, Elders agronomist, thirteen years as a weeds research and extension specialist, and five years leading the communication team of the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) as part of his role as a project consultant with Planfarm.

This 25 year apprenticeship in farming systems and agronomy has led to this point where he is ready to launch into the most challenging, diverse, and most exciting opportunity of his career, creating MyResearchAgro within the Planfarm consultancy. Peter works with Planfarm consultants, agronomists and grain marketers, giving him access to vast agricultural experience, not to mention his Australia wide network of farmers, researchers and industry.

Peter has studied and understands adult learning, and he has used this knowledge to create what is believed to be a globally unique platform, MyResearchAgro.

What is a Research

A research agronomist is a meaning maker.

Someone who takes information and turns it into something meaningful for you.

Someone who digs deep into the latest Ag research and presents it back to you on a platform that lets you discuss it with other grain growers and experts in their field.

The professional expertise and advice allows you to make the smarter decisions for your farm.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interactive newsletter?

Peter Newman is pioneering the concept of an interactive newsletter.  Pete’s mantra during his 25 years in agricultural extension has been ‘do with (farmers), not for’.  The MyResearchAgro forum is and interactive newsletter between Pete, the growers, experts and anyone else in agriculture who has something constructive to add to the discussion.  By being interactive Pete will respond to your needs and ensure that your questions are answered by consulting with the people who have the answers.  Other newsletters my be focused on what the author knows, whereas in MyResearchAgro, Pete Newman is merely the facilitator in the middle of an in depth discussion.

How does MyResearchAgro differ from Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic tool for agriculture because it encourages discussion between farmers, agronomists, industry and researchers.  MyResearchAgro is all of this but it is private (for paying subscribers only), we focus on the topics that you raise, and we will actively engage the participants in the discussion.  We will go deeper than twitter.  Also, twitter is limited to discussion with experts who are on twitter.  Pete Newman will seek out subject matter experts to participate in discussion regardless of whether they engage in social media or not.  MyResearchAgro is not limited to 280 characters, however we do intend to keep discussion short and sweet.  Finally, the topics (categories as they are called on the forum) will be summed up at the end of the discussion period and archived on the site for future reference, whereas twitter is like a flowing stream, once the information has gone past you it is hard to go back and find it again.

How does the forum work?

The MyResearchAgro forum is an App designed for your smart phone or tablet.  Pete Newman is the moderator and will coordinate new category or discussion topics.  Once the discussion in up and running all members can contribute to the discussion with text, photos and videos.  Regular notifications will be sent to your phone to keep you posted on what is happening.

How are topics chosen?

New discussion topics will ultimately be chosen by the members (paying subscribers).  Pete will have some topics in mind but ultimately he will go where you want him to go. 

How will you inform me of blog / forum updates?

You will receive push notifications to inform you that a new discussion has started and when interesting content is added.  Plus you can visit the App any time to see what is happening.

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