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Excerpts from what you will find on the MyResearchAgro forum.

Cost of HWSC model

    The ad in the paper that reads “Horse, free to a good home” seems to be a good deal at first, but what is the true cost of owning a horse? Roughly similar to running a Lamborghini as I understand! The do it yourself narrow windrow burning chute seems...

The MyResearchAgro lime calculator

When applying lime, what matters is how much ENV (Effective Neutralising Value) you are applying with emphasis on the key word, Effective. This lime calculator is based on the NSW lime calculator that discounts for particle size. We know that lime must come in contact...

The First MyResearchAgro Topic – Water Use Efficiency

Welcome to the first MyResearchAgro topic, I am thrilled to be here and hope you will join me for years to come, to dig deep into what matters for you, to make farming better. Water Use Efficiency (WUE) is, in my mind, one of the most important measures of a farm...

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